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Jordan Women’s Global Collective is telling YOUR story, a story of OUR need for equality through Commitment, Connection, and Change.

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Jordan Brand is in collaboration with a Global Collective of women/femmes who use their voice and style to create brave spaces in their communities. We are continuing to build a relationship-driven, global community of women/femmes who are empowering and enabling one another to tell their story and push basketball culture forward. 

This month, Jordan Brand launches a Global Women’s Collective focused on community over competition, societal advancement, and evolving the Jumpman to represent a logo that is for, with, and by women. Through this long-term women’s initiative, Jordan Brand is committed to fueling and sustaining the momentum women have been driving in this space by providing them more access to amplify their voices and more effort to deliver products and experiences on their terms. 

The goal of this initiative is to redistribute opportunities and reestablish power to a group of women/femmes who are redefining what it means to be a part of the Jordan legacy, outside of the brand we’ve always known. It’s time to shake it up, lace it up, and tell our stories. 

It’s time to lift every voice and slay. 

“Not only has the Jordan Women’s Collective initiative been such a key force in driving equity, representation and access for women within sneaker culture, it has enabled women to support, empower, embrace and inspire each other in unexpected ways, both internally and externally,” said Patriece Nelson (Jordan Brand North America Women’s Director). 

Women’s collective participants experience a series of events that allow members to bond and become more fortified as leaders within their communities. The activities range from retreats, dinners, basketball events, and local community activations. Jordan Brand is a brand that creates bonds. 

The amazing members were selected for embodying the following values: authentic to basketball culture; fearless with their craft; defying odds in their path; commitment to their communities; and an understood responsibility to leave the world better than she found it. 


The Global Women’s Collective consists of 23 women who are based in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, along with other cohorts from London, China and Paris. With the intention of growing the collective family each year, each member will have the opportunity to pass the torch to the next generation of female leaders.

“The Jordan Women’s Retreat showed us that when women come together, strong ideas can come to life,” said LA Collective member Monica Kran. “The energy was powerful and I’ve never been in a space where a brand brought together a group of women for an actual purpose.” 

Her Grails is looking forward to the impact these 23 phenomenal and fearless women/femmes will have on the Jordan Brand, how they will push basketball culture forward, and how they will shake it up, lace it up, and tell OUR stories. 

Written by Monique Lorden, 1985Poet

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